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Printable Urgent Fax Cover Sheet – Needed Elements


If you are looking for a Printable Fax Cover Sheet? They are simple to create and make brandable for your business or personality.


Here are some of the key elements to make sure you include in your Printable Fax Cover Sheet.
It should state:

Fax or Fax Cover Sheet

Your address, phone number, fax number and address
Your logo if applicable

PAGES (including cover sheet):

Then on your printable fax cover sheet, you should include an area for:

For Review
Please Comment
Please Reply

Then an area for comments or text.

You do want to keep the Printable Fax Cover Sheet simple and preferably black and white. Most fax machines do not use color. Black and White is the safest way to go.

As you can see there are very few elements in order to create your own Printable Fax Cover Sheet. There are many sites out there that allow you to start with a fax cover sheet template or an example fax cover sheet. these are also great starting points.



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