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Free Fax Cover Sheet Example in Doc Format

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Free Fax Cover Sheet Example in Doc Format


This is a free fax cover sheet that you can modify for your own needs. Whether it is needed a business fax cover sheet or just a plain old fax cover sheet, you can easily modify it in Microsoft Word for your needs.

You can very easily insert your own logo, or insert your companies information on the cover sheet to customize it and make it your own.

This fax cover sheet is the very simple layout. There are not many black areas on the Fax Cover Sheet, so it will not use up too much of the recipient’s toner when they are printing it out. Remember most people do not have a color fax machine, so color images are basically useless. Keep everything black and white and you won’t have a problem.

When modifying the fax cover sheet make sure that you save your changes so that you don’t have to reinput it over and over again.

I know that sounds like common sense, but not everything is obvious to everyone.

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