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A fax cover sheet is an essential part of your business. Anytime a fax transaction needs to take place it is the proper procedure to attach a fax cover sheet to the front of the documents being sent. This tells the person or business receiving the fax what items are being faxed, how many pages are included, who the fax is being sent to as well as corresponding contact information.

Fax cover sheet templates are a great resource because they are already formatted in Adobe pdf, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or open office format to save you time.

All you need to do is input your information in the proper boxes and the free printable fax cover sheet will do the rest. Print out the cover sheet and send the fax.

You can print out and download our fax cover sheets for free. Check below to see the different styles of fax cover sheets we offer.

Business Fax Cover Sheet

Printable fax cover sheet

Download printable fax cover sheet template (Microsoft Word)
Download printable fax cover sheet template (open office)
Download printable fax cover sheet template (PDF)

Do you regularly use fax cover sheet templates for your business? If so check out our new templates. Also, have you tried online fax services yet?

They are a great way to make your office eco-friendly and reduce paper waste.


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