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Business Fax Cover Sheets


Business Fax Cover Sheets are extremely important in two aspects. The first and most obvious is that you need a cover sheet to effectively communicate a fax report that you are sending. The sender must know who the fax is coming from. The fax cover sheet provides this information as well as an area to summarize the fax or tell the receiver what action to take next. It also provides your contact information for them to contact you.

The second and most overlooked aspect of the business fax cover sheet is for marketing. Every time you have the chance to market your products or business you should. A business fax cover sheet is a perfect and cost-effective mechanism in order to receive some free advertising and upsell opportunities.

Your business fax cover sheet could easily provide information about new products or current sales. It could also educate your client about an upsell opportunity that your business is looking to promote.

The business fax cover sheet is often overlooked as a business marketing tool. It shows your companies professionalism and if used correctly could easily add profits to your companies bottom line.

Sample Business Fax Cover Sheets


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