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Many of us are still struggling with our fax machines, toner paper, and phone lines. Well, enter the Send Fax Online. There are new online fax services popping up every day. These services range from $50 a month to the more reasonable less than $10 fax services to even free online fax services.


There are many benefits to faxing online.

Storage of your faxes – It is easy to file your faxes on your hard drive
Your faxes are always with you as long as you are by your computer.
You cut out the printer middle man.

It is just plain less expensive.

Think about the cost of the fax machine, paper, toner, and dedicated phone line for the fax machine? It just makes sense.

There are some benefits to paying a small fee for your fax services. Many of the free fax services put their advertisements on the cover sheet. With a paid fax service, there are no ads on your fax cover sheet. There is simply fax!

Check out some of the online fax services that you can a send online fax:

just to name a few…


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