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I have been a big fan of EFax. When I first started my business, I had called the phone company to find out the cost of an additional line, to set up a fax machine. I was quoted about $34 a month for the additional line.

Then I had to purchase the fax machine which was going to cost me about $100. I calculated that it would cost me over $500 the first year just for fax service. Now, I didn’t do a tremendous amount of faxing for that to be worth my while. If I did 10 faxes a month that would be a lot and most of the faxing was inbound faxes.

I then did some searches online about fax services. I knew that there was faxing from the internet companies available for me, I just did not know the cost of the service. I was shocked when I found that I could receive a free fax line from EFax.

It would be from the area code not associated with me, but I really did not care.

I was also limited to the number of faxes that I could receive, but once again, I did not do many faxes each month.

I decided to pay for the fax service which at the time was a little over $10 a month. I was happy that I could choose a local area code and could complete outbound faxes from the internet if needed. I could also, select the type of file type my fax would be saved as. I choose pdf so that I could easily share that document with other computers or people if need be.

I also liked the fact that I was now somewhat a virtual office. I did not need to be tied to my fax machine or to my office location. If I was on vacation, I could bring my laptop and receive and send any faxes that I may need. Personal or business related for that matter.

I found that efax had a pretty quick turnaround for the receiving of faxes over the internet as well.

I tested and found that within minutes I would receive the document that was sent to me, via email notification.

EFax is a great service as I am sure that many other online fax services are as well. Just the concept of faxing from the internet is growing by leaps and bounds.

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