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Choosing an Online Fax Service


With technology moving so quickly, there are many more options available to us, especially in the world of fax! Let’s face it, faxing can still be a pain. You often have to print out your document then fax your document. It is time to cut out the printer middle man.

I don’t know about you but I am basically virtual. My office and business are virtual as well. I have three brick and mortar offices however I don’t have three dedicated fax lines and fax machines at all offices. I also don’t have the time to worry that incoming fax that I am waiting for is coming to office 1 when I am at office 3 or home. With online fax services, my fax is where ever my computer is. I receive the fax via their service and then usually into the email. This way I can electronically file all of my documents.

There are a few things that you will want to make sure of before choosing an online fax service.

What format does the fax come in? PDF?

PDF for me is most preferable. I have used eFax and they have allowed the PDF format.


Do incoming faxes come into your email as attachments or do you have to log into their service to retrieve the fax?

  • What is the cost for outgoing faxes?
  • How many pages do they limit you to?
  • How quickly do the faxes get delivered?


These are some of the questions I have to ask when choosing the right online fax service. I have found that there are many free online fax services as well.

Many of the online fax services have a free service or at least a free trial. You will definitely have to see which service fits your needs the best, however, the question of using online fax services, I think is a no brainer.

The only issue with online fax services is if you have to sign documents or hand fill documents. Documents then need to be rescanned and then faxed. I have figured for the number of times I need to do this, it is still worth the slight aggravation.

I can still electronically file all of my documents, and it still beats having to pay for three dedicated phone lines, and buy three fax machines. Then include the amount of money on gas and just the time spent, driving to the office to either send or receive a fax.

Here are a few companies that offer online fax services:



There are many more, but these are good to start to take a look at the different packages that they offer.


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