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Blank Fax Cover Sheet

Using Generic Fax Cover Sheet

One of the issues that people are concerned of is that which concerns with the security of information. In sending a confidential fax, make sure that you are using a generic fax cover sheet.

A generic fax cover sheet is usually used when sending business information that is of high importance and should be needed by the receiver as soon as possible. One example is a patient’s information.

The safety of the fax that you are sending should be considered especially when you are sending it from a place with many people such as a high populated office. The fax may get mixed up if you are not careful enough. Creating a generic fax cover sheet could be of all sorts. If you want, you may add your logo in the sheet. One thing that you should do is to choose a large and bold font for your cover sheet so that the reader could immediately tell if the fax’s content is of high importance.

Some information such as your name, name of the receiver, date, subject, and number of pages could be included in the cover sheet that you are making. Instances exist whereby confidential files are needed to be sent. One of the examples of these confidential files is the resume that would be used for the company interview. Getting your resume mixed up and worst lost would be an opportunity lost and a big regret on your part.

Add some important and useful details on your cover sheet. You may choose to put your personal information on the cover sheet at the same time putting the importance level of the said files to be sent. Do not use cartoons in your cover sheet if you want it to look professional.

One thing that you could do is to download a cover sheet since there are available cover sheets online that are free. Moreover, there are also cover sheets with a professional aura that could be bought online.

Fax Cover Sheet – Utilize a Design That Conveys Maximum Communication

Is your office experiencing some trouble in relation to incoming and outgoing faxes? What you could do to solve this problem is to organize your faxes better and have a fax cover sheet template for the company. Be sure that the design of the template will be effective that it will automatically express the message sent and the reaction that the receiver should have. Also be able to clarify the legal aspects of the fax even with just the template and cover sheet.

Basic Fax Cover Sheet Design

The header section of the basic fax letter page is important and should have these following parts:

To Field

The to field section tells to whom the fax would be delivered. This should also contain the fax number of the recipient so as to help the recipient see if the fax is really intended for him and also make sure that the details are clearly written well.

From Field

The name of the person who sent the fax will appear in the section of from field. Similar with the to field, it may have the sender’s number and should be clearly written or typed to be easily understood.

Subject Field

The subject matter of the fax is place in this section and should have the vital information and should be clear. Information placed on notes field may be done if the subject matter is quite long.

Notes Section

It is in this section that the purpose of the fax is revealed. This section should contain the message and the memo that is needed to be understood. Moreover, it should also be comprised of the legal matter of the memo and the measures that the receiver should do.


In this section, the receiver would have to look at the checked box section for the recipient to know what action the message intends him to do. Examples of the actions that may be done are call upon receipt, for review, please reply and please recycle.

Optional Section

If you want, you may put a sales section on your fax cover letter. In this section that you will be making, you will be able to promote some products and services that your company offers. You may even ask the recipient to send back the fax cover sheet if he wants to buy the products you have promoted in the fax.

Moreover, if he has already purchased the product, you may also state it in the cover sheet. If the recipient is interested with the product, the sender could ask the recipient to contact him for more details. With this, you could help your customer save himself from a call and at the same time have the company a new order and earning.

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